Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Abbey's First Quilt

It's a humble first effort but after a year of dreaming of quilting, this proved to be a welcome ice breaker.  It's a hug to a member of an online group of friends who met through The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson & Ricky Timms.  This sweet woman has had several months' struggle with illness.  We each made a block in the theme of welcoming the family farm she recently acquired.  I made the block toward the center that's supposed to look like a chainsaw blade which she recently purchased.  When the front & back was designed & assembled by Jan, the originator of the project, it came to me to quilt, bind & send to our friend in Norway. I like the owl block because he looks so cute with the design I quilted showing on his belly!

Practice, Practice...

I was out of my mind excited to play with her but 2012 threw me a curveball when my employer merged with another airline & our computer could not handle it.  The bad results of 8 hrs a day working on a dysfunctional computer since the beginning of 2012 is I've had over 100 migraines.  I could only look at Abigail Nicole Longarm from March to December. But I'm back to practicing.  Freehand:

     And pantos:


Abigail Nicole Longarm

The first week of January my Gammill 22-10 longarm - Abigail Nicole Longarm was delivered by the good folks at Accomplish Quilting.  Her new home was my spacious Livingroom.

 But after the sofa was pushed up close to the fireplace (toasty knees), the room lost it's spaciousness but what a nice quilt studio.