Sunday, June 8, 2014

PPP Paying off finally!

This may not look like a big step in improvement but it's exciting to me to finally be able to see improvement in each practice & starting each succeeding practice session at a little bit higher level of skill.  I thought this fabric would be a perfect piece to practice precision.  I have a hard time hitting my mark on this powerful longarm sewing machine.

My first session (but after 4 hrs).  I admit to being discouraged at not any improvement in 4 hrs.

Then I put my needlebar out of alignment when the bobbin did not go in securely & I was trying to fix that all May, every weekend.  My longarm dealer Jeff Benedict finally saved my life & fixed it.
So the rest of that weekend Jeff fixed it I practiced some more & then had migraines knock me out for the next 5 days.  Stops & starts have been the routine for the past 2 years & the reason I think I can hold the title of longarming's longest beginner.  But I am finally making progress so there's something to dogged persistence.  I'm figuring out little formulas to do this without the ability to stand up at my stand up machine.  So here's this weekend's practice.  This is still wonky but I can definitely hit my mark most of the time.  This is SO encouraging to me!  (don't you love this fabric?!)