Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 2 McTavishing Quilt Along

Week 2 at
Well I liked my drawing and saw some improvement this week:

But had difficulty getting a free flowing stitch.  It's very cramped & not smooth.
  The frustration for me is that many hours later, it did not look improved to me.
Ah well, back to practice.  I ran out of time & did not get to try it on the longarm.  Will try later on that.  I usually have only a couple hours if I'm lucky to sew during the work week.


  1. I had some of the same issues. The stitching did not "feel" smooth and natural. I struggled a little bit. Let's keep practicing!

  2. I think it's showing promise! It reminds me of a bunch of hosta leaves! Thanks for linking up! (A link back to the Linky is requested)

  3. I think the more you do the easier it will be for might also want to try it without the hoop so you can have better control over it.

  4. Me too! My waves did not flow as nicely as I had hoped. I blamed the limited throat space on the old Pfaff as I kept bumping into the machine. Tomorrow I will get my real FMQ machine (Janome) back from the shop after a much needed check up.
    Hope to try some more FMQ in the weekend!
    Let's keep at it!
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  5. Definitely get rid of the hoop. I use a Supreme Slider and have not had any problems with moving the fabric freely. I really like McTavishing.

  6. Your stitching looks good to me. I think I cheated this week because I didn't try the McTavishing in the tight confines of the circle. I guess I better try it that way too. Don't give up, I don't think we'll be so confined on normal quilts.