Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 3 Amy's Free Motion Quilt Along


This week I tried to loosen up which made a bit of improvement.  This first picture is the finishing of one of last week's practice sample. This is on my domestic machine. 
 This next pictures is my first attempt on the longarm




  1. Very nice Patti -- you're really coming along. It's amazing how much practice helps. Karen

  2. Bravo! That loosening up can be a big breakthrough or a big challenge. I've worked on a longarm a few times and it feels so loose to me, I can't handle it!

  3. Hey!!!! Just popped over from my place to see what you're up to!!!! Wow! Great things!!! I'm not sure about doing this stitching on a longarm but I've done it on my Juki TL2010Q and, with better success, on my HQ Sweet Sixteen. I'm loving the gives me the space I need for giganto quilts but the hands-on control I love 'cuz it's a sit-down. Your stitching is so nice!!!!! Hugs to you!!!!!!!!

  4. Love it all Pattie... hope I can get to that standard on my frame...and wishing that I had a larger throat space than 9" I think that will be my next lot of PPP :)

  5. Looks wonderful.
    Grit from Germany